The passion of the goldsmith

jewels, precious, timeless during the time

Martine Schmit

Martine Schmit After graduating in management and administration, Martine Schmit decided to change her way at the age of 23 years. Her childhood dream was to become a goldsmith - creative work, transformation and shaping of rare metals and decoration with precious stones.

In order to realize this dream, she began her education in Namur, later followed her journeyman's examination in Pforzheim and Bonn. In 1999, she opened her studio with which she realized her youthfulness and was awarded the goldsmith's master in Luxembourg.

In this way, she has been able to expand and perfect her knowledge. With the help of three other goldsmiths, she has been able to increase the passion for beauty, creativity and perfection in the last 16 years.

Identity of the original and unique creations have secured her a loyal clientele. Their unique jewelery underscores the individuality, personality and charisma of those who wear it!